Craig Gaskill: Revamping Your Health is Simple

Craig Gaskill is a California retail operations manager with a busy schedule, a loving wife and four happy children. He is also a weight lifter, runner and triathlete who trains daily. Without his healthy life, Mr. Gaskill wouldn’t be able to keep up with his daily responsibilities.
Leading an active, wellness-focused life like Craig Gaskill’s does take time, but the results are well worth the effort. If you’d like to revamp your health, the following two steps will simplify the process:

•    Eat Right. Eating right is simple if you want it to be. Stop looking for diet foods, following gimmicky meal plans and eating processed foods, even if they do say “natural” on the label. Instead, be intelligent with your food choices.

Purchase foods that come from the earth, not a laboratory. This reduces your grocery bill and your waistline, with the added benefit of lengthening your life.

A sample simple day’s meals might include eggs with spinach for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, lentils with rice for dinner and pistachios as a snack.
•    Be Active.
Being active doesn’t mean becoming Richard Simmons. Move more and sit less. If you engage in sedentary activities like watching TV, do so from a treadmill, and welcome “unnecessary” physical activity like parking an extra block away from your work.

The more you move, the stronger your body becomes and the healthier you will be. Examples of basic exercises to add to your routine include dancing to music after work, walking your dog around the park, playing Frisbee with friends and going on hikes with your family.

In Craig Gaskill’s words, “fitness is the key to succeeding” at anything you do. The healthier and fitter you are, the happier and more successful you can become.

Craig Gaskill: Improving Your Leadership Skills

Craig Gaskill is a talented leader and a reputable retail operations manager. He has decades of experience and devotes time to improving his professional skills daily.

To improve your leadership skills, follow the footsteps of professionals like Craig Gaskill and spend time studying, considering and applying strategies like those below:

  • Train What You Know. As a leader, you do not need to fill all roles, but you must find the best person to fill each role. When training is necessary, only assume the role if you know the topic. For example, if you need your team to learn design skills and you have only a basic understanding, hire an educator who specializes in design. If you also need to train your team in leadership, you can fill the role confidently.
  • Criticize and Encourage Strategically. Being quick with encouragement and slow with criticism will improve your team’s morale and your reputation as a leader.

When a team member does well, encourage and reward him or her promptly, and do so in front of as many people as possible. When team members make mistakes, though, think about the impact criticism might have and if you decide it is necessary, deliver it tactfully and in private.

Team members will appreciate your discretion for criticism and the respect that they earn from public affirmation.

To learn more about improving your leadership skills, take a page from Craig Gaskill and invite anonymous comments from all team members. Without fear of judgement, your employees will give you honest opinions on where you can improve from a diverse range of perspectives.

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Craig Gaskill - Three Tips for Training for a Distance Race

Craig Gaskill has years of experience preparing for separation races in the Los Angeles region and past. He has contended in and finished a few races of a wide range of separations, some of which raised cash for commendable beneficent causes in his neighborhood group and for national associations. Gaskill loves to remain fit as a fiddle and test himselfto prepare for the following fiery race, however he is mindful so as to prepare in ways that don't chance harm yet still form perseverance for his next rivalry. Here are three tips he has discovered valuable preparing for separation races throughout the years:

Craig Gaskill

  • Leave time to rest. The more your body gets used to running, the more continuance you'll work in front of your next race. Be that as it may, your body likewise must be permitted to rest too to maintain a strategic distance from harm. Arrange a couple days off in your week after week running routine to maintain a strategic distance from damage, as indicated by Craig Gaskill.
  • Fluctuate separations and speed. All together traverse a long-remove race, particularly something like a marathon, you'll have to set up your body for the majority of the many stages and aspects of the race. The most ideal approach to transform your heart and corridors into an effective running machine is to run shorter separations at quicker rates and blend in longer separations at slower speeds all through your week by week running project.
  • Remain steady. You'll have to build remove step by step on your long, slower hurries to get up to the sought separation for the race, and the best way to do this successfully is whether you adhere to a committed running arrangement that you take after consistently.

Craig Gaskill is a devoted separation runner.

Craig Gaskill - Weight Lifting and Why Consistency Matters

Craig Gaskill loves to go to the gym and challenge himself to get stronger regularly. He is also a regular distance runner who frequently runs to raise money for different causes throughout the year. Gaskill has been building strength by lifting weights for years and knows by now that consistency when working out is a key factor in reaching his fitness goals. Gaskill, as the Operations Manager of a local pet products retail chain called PlayMart, works in a high-stress environment and finds the release of working out and lifting weights calming and beneficial to his health and ability.

Craig Gaskill

Craig Gaskill has tried and scrapped many ambitious workout plans over the years trying to build strength. He has struggled in the past to keep up his routines for many reasons. But the solutions he has created to avoid this slacking off have worked to get him to his fitness goals over the years. One solution has been to bring a friend. Simply bringing a workout buddy to the gym with him on a routine basis has kept him in his routine for weeks at a time because his buddy holds him accountable to his workout plan and keeps him focused on his goals. Gaskill is also careful to plan workout schedules he can actually follow for long periods of time consistently. He sets reasonable, accomplishable goals he can meet on his own terms.

Craig Gaskill has built strength in the weight room successfully over time by doing what it takes to stick with his carefully-crafted workout plans.

Craig Gaskill - How to Improve Customer Service at Your Store

Craig Gaskill is the Operations Manager at a local PlayMart, where he ensures that all customers are able to find what they need when they need it and manage all of the moving parts at the store that caters to pet owners of all kinds. Gaskill has become an expert at developing systems that continuously improve the customer service at the store and now expects his staff to be a part of that customer service system. Gaskill has worked his way up to his position by always exhibiting excellent customer service instincts and skills throughout his career at PlayMart.

Craig Gaskill has created excellent customer service systems at PlayMart by first identifying what his customers want from his store. PlayMart offers a huge range of pet supplies for all kinds of animals, as well as dog-training services and more. Gaskill knows that his customers expect to be able to find the perfect toy or brand of dog food for their pet, so part of his job is to ensure that his store’s supplies of products rarely run out. He also ensured that all of his employees are trained to know what to ask customers and how to start dialogues with them that will lead them to the products they need when they need it.

Craig Gaskill has improved the customer service ratings at his store dramatically during his time as the Operations Manager for PlayMart. By almost all metrics, overall customer satisfaction ratings are improving constantly for his PlayMart store.

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